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5/15 - 5/19

Second Grade Math Finished Eleventh HourExplorations Continued Underwater Adventure research
Third Grade Math Finished Million Dollar ProjectsExplorations Toy Fair

Thank you to all the friends and family members who came to play the third graders' creations! We had a lot of fun guiding game play.
Fourth Grade Math Continued BizWorld - pitches to Venture Capitalists, business loans, design and manufacturingScots U!Explorations Scots U!
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5/8 - 5/12

Second Grade Math
The Eleventh Hour - logic puzzles and code breaking!Explorations
Continued Underwater Adventure exploration unit - researched animal and plant life in chosen zone of the ocean
Third Grade Math
The Million Dollar project - students research to spend and save one million dollars on college, a house, a family vacation, a vehicle, and a charitable donation.Explorations
Finished games for the Fair next week! Wednesday the 17th at 2PM
Fourth Grade Math
Started BizWorld, a month-long financial literacy unit - created companies, incorporated, prepared pitches for venture capitalists next weekExplorations
Finished robots for Scots U next Wednesday morning! Gyro Boy - self-stabilizing robot
Color Sorter
Rolbot (self-designed)
Upcoming Events

Please check your emails for details on the Game Fair and Scots U.

5/1 - 5/5

Second Grade Math
Financial Literacy - personal budgeting (income, expenses); saving  Sharing Business Plans
Started Underwater Adventure mini-unit (researching oceans)
Third Grade Math
STAAR Review - multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, measurementFinished and played games! Sanjay and Matthew - Strike 'Em Out!

Gabe, Richard, and Jake - Math Maze

Yash - Mathdo

Izzy, Grace, and Kaitlyn - MATHematical

Continued creating toys and gamesFourth Grade Math
STAAR Review - multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, measurementFinished and played games! Jacqueline, Laya, and Catherine - Life of a Pop Star
Amy - Mental Math!

Max, Andy, and Ryan - Escape from Alcatraz

Olivia and Sarah - Journey to the STAARs

4/24 - 4/28

Second Grade Math
Continuing financial literacy - creating business plansExplorations
Quake Safe STEM Challenge - students followed the STEM design cycle of planning, creating, testing, and asking questions. They were challenged with creating a 'building' at least 12 inches tall that would withstand a simulated earthquake. Construction
Hayden and Hud's first test
Jack and Clay's first design
Jack and Clay's successful second design
Third Grade Math
STAAR review - place value and addition/subtraction with whole numbers and decimals; different multiplication methods (arrays, area, traditional, partial products)

Continuing construction of games and toys
Fourth Grade Math
STAAR review - place value and addition/subtraction with whole numbers and decimals; multiplication methods (array, area, traditional, partial products)

Chose plans (or made up own plans) and started constructing robots

Upcoming Events

STAAR Testing May 8-9 Scots University on…

Fourth Grade Robotics

Fourth Grade Robotics
LEGO plans <-- Click for building instructions!

Hardware explanation and overview:

Programs (color sorter, puppy, gyro boy)

Second Grade Business Games

Primary Games: Lemonade Stand: Link to interactive business game that teaches kids how to run a lemonade stand.
PBS Kids: Be Your Own Boss: Games for kids to run a dog walking business, car washing service or comic book publishing.
Disney: Hot Shot Business: Link to educational games for kids about businesses.
Teaching Kids Business: The Business Game for Kids: Online game that allows kids to build a business.
123 Games: Amuse Park: Game for a kid that allows them to run their own amusement park.
World Online Games: Top 50 Business Games: Resource for online business games for kids.
Soft 82: Business Flash Games: Collection of flash business games for kids.